The Cave of the Apocalypse

In this cave St. John wrote the Apocalypse, the only prophetic book of the New Testament. The rock on the ceiling has three slits which appeared when the voice of God was heard and they symbolize His triple essence.

The Monastery of St John Theologian

The monastery is built on top of the mountain above Hora and it is surrounded by a stone fortress. It was built by Saint Christodoulos in 1088 and it includes buildings and works of art from various periods.

The Patmian Religious School

The Patmian Religious School was established in 1713 by the Patmian cleric, Makarios Kalogeras. The School is functioning today as a boarding school with students from all over Greece and even abroad.

The Baptism Place of St John Theologian

Near the beach of st. Theologian in Skala there are found relics of the baptism place where thousands of people were baptized and became soldiers of Christ.

Simantiri’s Mansion

It is next to the Monastery of Zoodochou Pigis in Hora and it was first built in 1625. Inside you can see heavy furniture, collective items, paintings and Russian icons from the 14th and 15th century.

Nikolaidi’s Mansion

Here you can obtain a full picture of what the wealthy people’s homes looked like in their form and structure.

The Windmills

The three windmills in Hora were renovated by a Swiss sponsor and one of them is meant to be used regularly.

The Rock of Kallikatsou

This is an impressive rock on the beach of Petra where many eremites have lived through the years. According to the legend, there is a tunnel which leads from the rock to the Monastery of St. John Theologian.